Shine Bright Puerto Rico!

Help Support OHorizons’ Ongoing Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

A month after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the island remains in crisis. Millions remain without power, access to clean drinking water, refrigeration, and other essential resources. The situation is particularly dire in remote and rural communities, many of which have been cut off from the rest of the island by bridge collapses or the destruction of other vital infrastructure.

The humanitarian emergency in Puerto Rico strikes particularly close to our hearts at OHorizons. Our founder is a Puerto Rican resident with extensive ties to the community. In this trying time, he has turned his attention to helping his fellow citizens.  All of us at OHorizons are following his lead, and embarking on a massive relief effort that is saving lives by putting our global experience of implementing practical, scalable, and locally empowering solutions into practice in Puerto Rico.  While San Juan and other large cities are receiving the majority of  attention from other relief efforts, we are aiming to help across 34 rural municipalities we have identified as underserved and at risk.

We hope you will join us by supporting our relief initiative, ¡Brilla Fuerte Puerto Rico! – which translates to “Shine Bright Puerto Rico!”

We chose this name as a message of empowerment to the resilient Puerto Rican people, whom we are happy to be working with - to restore access to clean water, power, and a brighter future.

Eric Strand