Bangladesh is home to more than 157 million people, 56.8% of them live on less than $3.10 per day. Access to clean drinking water is an increasing challenge. Due to rising sea levels and the country’s booming shrimp industry, the groundwater is becoming increasing saline. As a solution, residents have been digging large shallow holes on their property to capture water from monsoons.  Over the course of the year this water becomes horribly contaminated.  People are forced to either drink the saline groundwater from a well, drink bacteria contaminated surface water, or walk to and wait in long lines to get water from community slow-sand filters.

The indigenous people of rural southern Bangladesh will soon be forced to leave their homeland in search of clean drinking water. We want to change that.

We've partnered with an award winning local organization, LEDARS Bangladesh, and trained them in the use of our Wood Mold and running BioSand Filter projects. Together we are providing the families of this region with safe drinking water access in their homes!

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